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Ward Consulting, LLC is committed to excellence in serving our clients. We work to ensure that Ward Consulting understands each client’s mission; is proactive in responding to client requirements; and, anticipates and prepares for changing requirements by applying state-of-the-art strategies and technology. Ward Consulting will emerge as a leader in service delivery through our professionalism and application of sound business in responding to the changing marketplace. We look forward to working with you and pledge that all Ward Consulting employees and associates shall apply themselves diligently as a team member in enhancing your mission and objectives.

Nolan W. Fischer, President/CEO

Core Competencies

Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Management Services

A leader in the delivery of effective solutions to corporate, government agencies, we have proven capabilities and established business partnerships that bring in-depth knowledge and experience to our clients. From state-of-the art electronic and mechanical error proofing to Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing, ground transportation, LTL, air freight, ocean freight, and freight optimization. Quality and competitive cost are what create the differentiating value in our four different industry verticals.

Communication Advertising Core Services

Communication Advertising Core Services

Ward Consulting develops custom solutions in Communications and Marketing Design Services. We are a world-class leader in the delivery of effective solutions to government agencies and corporate clients.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Ward Consulting is dedicated to providing quality IT services, state-of-the-art custom software applications, and leading-edge systems integration implementations that emphasize modern, component-based, distributed designs. Our company is made up of expert software engineers that use Object Oriented design and development principles to build service-oriented, web-based systems for federal and corporate environments. We have extensive experience in applying IT solutions to supply chain, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech business domains.

Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness

Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness

We are experts in the following: Continuity of Business Operations Planning, Vulnerability Assessment, and Anti-Terrorism Operations and Strategy Development. Using the same successful techniques and methods developed and proven in military situations, we have researched, designed, and facilitated Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness simulations for Military, Federal Agencies and Corporate Clients.

Mgmt Training

Management & Leadership Training

We have created a program that can be rolled out for an entire executive team, that both challenges and supports leaders. We work with real-world issues, in real-time, in an atmosphere of authentic communication, with supportive, compassionate Socratic dialogue, often revealing things that everyone is thinking, but are afraid to say. We custom design your Managerial Mastery course to ensure that each participant acquires the basic skills necessary for successful supervision.