About Us

Our Vision is to bring leading edge, process-oriented thinking to our customers by providing world-class logistics solutions.

Logistics can be truly complex and the solutions to logistics problems are often not so simple. At a time when access to information is drastically increasing the pace at which all businesses must perform, Ward Consulting is continually injecting the innovative thinking and effective technology that positions our clients for increased growth, efficiency and profitability. Putting the first thing first…process… is how we ultimately make logistics simple. Learn more about our approach to the complexities of logistics as you peruse our site.

Commitment to Customer Success, Value, Quality, & World Class Solutions

Ward's commitment to Customer success, value, quality, and world-class solutions is embodied in this pledge. It's what we consider "The Heart of the Matter".

Our pledge to you:

  • We'll place our emphasis squarely on your business process issues. We believe that applications aren't right -- unless they are right for your business.
  • We'll listen. We will then base our solutions on your needs, situation and evolving concerns.
  • We won't make any recommendations until your needs are thoroughly identified, diagnosed and understood.
  • We'll work to establish an element of trust, which then becomes the basis of a mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • We'll help you discover and identify critical needs. We'll then partner with you to implement ideas, concepts and processes.
  • We'll operate with trust, integrity, and competence.

Customer Engagement Practices

We begin by taking a comprehensive look at what our customers want to accomplish. We align ourselves with our customers and diagnose critical supply chain logistics issues. Only then do we develop the correct solution to a properly diagnosed problem. We accomplish this by employing a mix of functional experts and professionals -- including logisticians, systems analysts, business process specialists, programmers, and engineers. By involving experts on every level of the supply chain, we bring our customers the depth of knowledge that provides a greater impact on process-oriented end-to-end solutions to their logistics challenges.

The first major thing we do is optimize our customers process. As part of our core competencies, we have experience in performing studies to determine baseline processes within an organization, determining the desired outcome, and designing and implementing processes, procedures and tools to achieve the desired outcome.

The next major thing we do is optimize information to support our customer's processes. We have extensive experience in the development of logistics information systems. This experience brings together different -- and often disparate -- legacy systems into a unified environment. We integrate these systems, enhance their environment with user focused decision support, business information and optimization tools. Ultimately, this results in increased effectiveness, ease of access and use, availability and improved cost savings.