Management & Leadership Training

Developing Superior Leaders

Managerial Mastery

Custom Desgning

We custom design your Managerial Mastery course to ensure that each participant acquires the basic skills necessary for successful supervision. These include: an appreciation for and the development of active listening skills; the development of objective-based interviewing skills; an understanding of each person's communication, learning and team-building styles and how to maximize strengths/compensate for weaknesses; an understanding of relationship/trust building and how to incorporate these skills into managing others.

Leadership Development

We have created a program that can be rolled out for an entire executive team, that both challenges and supports leaders. We work with real-world issues, in real-time, in an atmosphere of authentic communication, with supportive, compassionate Socratic dialogue, often revealing things that everyone is thinking, but are afraid to say. Our programs are run on your site, typically last a full year (to ensure change is fully integrated) and are always custom tailored to meet the individual talents and challenges of your leaders and your organization.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Ward Consulting is comprised of individuals who have ALL spent time working in organizations at senior level positions. We know what you're going through because we've all gone through it – at least some version of it.  You won't find any recent MBA grads who are telling you what to do because they read it in a textbook somewhere. We've also all spent time working with some of the world's best coaching organizations (Franklin-Covey, The Center for Creative Leadership, Lominger Ltd), so we also have access to the best tools available, to custom-fit your particular needs and styles.

Organizational Assessment

Ward Consulting provides an independent, honest assessment of your organization, using state-of-the art tools and best practice techniques. We dig deep, but always in ways that are respectful and constructive, looking to build on the strengths of the organization, as opposed to simply listing weaknesses, providing the information to make the best decisions around what types of training and development opportunities will provide the best bang for the buck.

Developing Great Employees

Communication Skills


Communication Skills are the single most important tool at our disposal. Yet, it has been shown that we only communicate effectively about 20% of the time! We can do better...a lot better!  But it takes training, practice, review, and more practice. Drawing from some of the best educators in adult training and development we offer you a menu of selections sure to bring the right information to the right individuals at the right time.

Masterful Coaching

We build this training program around the critically acclaimed best seller, “Masterful Coaching,” by Robert Hargrove. Coaching is designed to turn your managers and supervisors into high-performing, extraordinary leaders.