Our Methodology

At Ward Consulting, the way we approach our customer's challenges is critical. We have consistently put first things first in our development of a solution. We do this through what we consider to be a proven practice flowing from the following things:

  • Our in-depth functional knowledge of supply chain logistics
  • Our expertise in information technology and software engineering
  • Our ability to align and improve our customer's processes.
  • The appropriate application of technology.

Ultimately, our value as a company comes from enhancing our customer’s value to their customers from functional results like lower cost, improved productivity, more responsive support and reduced cycle times.

For government, this means readiness levels are higher, missions are successfully accomplished, citizens receive better service and tax dollars are saved. For our commercial customers this means processes are streamlined, internal and external customer service improves and costs are reduced. This results in increased customer satisfaction and a visible increase in the organization's return on investment (ROI).

By involving experts on every level of the supply chain, we bring to our customers the depth of knowledge and experience that provides a success multiplier to their process-oriented logistics challenges. Here is how we accomplish that:

First, we gain an in-depth understanding of our client's current processes and their challenges.

We identify areas where we can make a difference, define objectives, identify gaps, and go into solution design. We look at inventory control, materials purchasing, asset management, shipping and receiving and other cost centers where we can improve processes and controls with the objectives of reduced costs, improved methods and better products. And we do this in a cost-effective manner.

Second, we align and improve our customer's processes.

As part of our core competencies, we have experience in performing analyses to determine risk, assess cost, develop metrics, baseline processes, determine required outcome, and then design and implement processes and procedures to achieve the desired outcome within the organization, this includes web-based, computer-based, or classroom training.


Finally, we apply the appropriate tools and technologies to optimize information flow.

We have extensive experience in the development of information systems. This experience brings together data from different -- and often disparate -- legacy systems into a unified environment. We integrate the appropriate data from these systems, enhancing their meaning and usefulness with user focused decision support, business information and optimization tools and present the interpretation in clear, action-focused displays.

Our methodology results in the appropriate presentation of actionable information to operational, managerial and executive levels. In an asset management environment, complete visibility of a customer's major resources, it's people, equipment and material, to include their condition, location, status, etc. is possible. Optimizing this information for use at various operational management levels is what differentiates us from our competition. Ultimately resulting in increased effectiveness, ease of access and use, availability, and improved cost savings.