Ward Consulting, LLC is committed to many types of partnerships. Through this commitment, we strive to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to provide increased value and achieve exceptional results.

Ward Consulting integrates our clients into the solution process. Customer inclusion produces a product that links cutting-edge technology to client initiatives.


ARD Logistics, LLC

We are in partnership with ARD Logistics, LLC, headquartered in Duluth, GA that geographically covers the US, and Japan & Afghanistan that gives us depth and breath in logistic services in the following industry verticals:

Aerospace - Provides Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing, point of use replenishment for Tooling and Hazmat to the Boeing South 787 Dreamliner Plant.

Automotive - Provides Third Party Logistics (3PL), warehousing, material procurement, assembly and sequencing for various OEM/Tier Automotive Suppliers.

Consumer/Retail - Provides brokerage services to the Home Depot, and warehousing services to Michelin and Robert Bosch.

Government/Military - Provides sustainment logistics for the U.S. Marine Corps by deploying support personnel to bases and stations in the US, Japan and Afghanistan.

Sonalysts, Inc.

We are in partnership with Sonalysts, Inc. Headquartered in Waterford CT, with 18 offices in the US and 400 employees, our partner has provided for over 30 years:

  • Continuity of Business Operations Planning
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Anti-Terrorism Operations and Strategy Development

Ward‘s team, using the same successful techniques and methods developed and proven in military situations, has researched, designed and delivered over 500 Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness simulations for military, federal agencies and corporate clients.